Tuesday, March 29, 2011

88/365 Sweet Memories

This little ceramic box used to belong to my mother-in-law.  When we visited her in California, and my boys were very small, she would have it sitting on the table in her kitchen.  Each morning, the boys would wake up and go have breakfast at that table.  They would sit down and eagerly await Grandma's question,  "I wonder what's in the sweet shoppe?"  Oh, they already knew, but they loved the game.  They would excitedly open the box and look in, because they knew that there would be two M&M candies inside, one for each of them.    I'm not even sure if they knew at the time that Grandma had put them there or not, but it was the highlight that started each day of their visit.  When my mother-in-law, whose name was Joy, passed away, my husband and I searched high and low for that little box, because it had such a wonderful memory attached to it.  We found it way back in a kitchen cabinet and I'm so glad we did, because even though it's just a little ceramic box, it's a treasure to us.


  1. AWWW thank you for sharing the story behind the picture. What a cute little box.

  2. I totally agree, the story behind the picture makes it just that much sweeter (pun intended). Of all the things from our childhood it's these kind of memories that far outlast the others!!