Friday, March 25, 2011

84/365 Where's Cash?

This is my dog's crate.  And it was empty last night.  My little Cash, last seen on my blog 3/7 - day 66, has been sent to doggie boot camp.  That's not to say he has been a bad dog.  Actually, he's a very sweet dog and a good dog more often than not.  He's friendly, potty-trained, well-behaved (most of the time).  But he hasn't had any formal training for basic commands and leash walking.  His biggest problem though is when he sees other dogs, he goes absolutely crazy with barking at them.  It's difficult for me to get control of him in that situation.  So I knew regular group classes weren't going to work for us.  So, he's off to 10-14 days of a board and train program.  It will be all about him.  Then he'll come home and he and I will go to private classes for MY training.  Then we can go to group classes.  He's at a place that comes highly recommended.  I feel confident they know what they are doing and they do not use punishment to teach.  AND there are lots of other dogs there in their day care that hopefully within a couple of days Cash will get to play with and become socialized with other dogs.  I know it was a good choice to send him there, but I did hate going to bed last night and getting up this morning and seeing his empty crate.  He LOVES to sleep in there.  He even goes in there before we humans go to bed.  When he's tired at night, he's there.  So... I wonder how he slept last night.


  1. Awww, I'm sure you feel torn in your feelings, missing him but knowing he is there for a good reason. I sure would miss my Kashmir!!

  2. Oh I hope he did ok. you are very brave to do this and I am sure the outcome will be great. Hop on over to my blog if you can. My post for today, Friday is about dogs! Beautiful photo by the way!

  3. Awww I hope Cash has a successful boot camp.