Tuesday, March 1, 2011

60/365 Lessons Learned

I found some spring blossoms under a streetlight of all places.  This picture could have been great, but it's not.  Lessons learned on this quick photo trip: 1. ALWAYS keep the tripod in the car.  2.  ALWAYS keep your photo bag zipped.  My bag took a tumble off the seat as I was driving home and my gear tumbled to the floor.  Thankfully, all is well.  My Canon 40D is built like a tank.  So, with these lessons learned, especially #1, I may try this shot again tomorrow, as it might be really nice in focus!  But you know how spring blossoms sometimes are.  They may be gone tomorrow.


  1. Even though you don't like the picture, I love the Bokeh. Nice DOF

  2. I agree, the DOF is really nice!!