Friday, April 15, 2011

105/365 "I'm Beautiful Too"

When we think of the word "beautiful", often what comes to mind are things like flowers, mountains, trees, the sky, oceans, etc.  We don't usually think of those things that might kind of creep us out - like lizards.  But if you REALLY look closely at this lizard, you can see the intricacy of design that is there.  And I do think it's beautiful.  If you can, save this photo and then zoom in close.  I was amazed when I looked closely at this Texas Spiny Lizard that hangs out in my yard.  Those spines get tinier and tinier and go all the way down to her toes. And the texture around her eyes, so cool!  (Oh how I wish I had a macro lens today!)  It was a little bright where I took her photo, but she likes to be in the sun to stay warm.  I could have shaded her, but she probably would have moved.   She was kind enough to stay put while I got within about a foot of her.  I've decided to name her Sally.

1 comment:

  1. Nice capture. I like the patterns on her sking.