Monday, April 11, 2011

101/365 Home Sweet Home

This is a shot of our house.  We cleaned up the flower beds this weekend.  My kids want to get yard of the month sometime this year and my older son told me it looks good, but we need to add some color.  So later this week, when the nursery gets some new stock, I'll get some color.  I wish I'd gotten our oak tree in this photo.  Maybe I'll take another when the colorful plants are in full bloom.  Oh, and for those who are not from this area, those signs are for my kids.  They are each in the band, in trumpet and percussion.  I don't know if yard signs are popular in other parts of the country.  I first saw them when we moved here.  Whatever activity your child is in, you can probably buy a sign to tell the world, or at least the neighborhood!

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