Tuesday, September 13, 2011

256/365 Straps and More

Today I got a new camera strap.  And it's not just any plain ol' strap, it's really cute and it's made by Mod.  A friend works for this company and invited me and another friend to visit her office.  She gave each of us a strap to try on our cameras.  What fun it was to see all the straps they have.  In addition to the straps, they sell accessory bags and lens cap savers.  And you can get everything to match if you want, or you can get different kinds for different seasons, occasions, etc.  I chose the one that is fourth from the left, the one with squares on it.   I actually have my eye on one that I want to have for the holiday season!  These are just a few of the many designs available. They have several designs, including ones that would appeal to men.  They also have different styles of straps, from basic to premium. You might be looking for a new camera strap.  If so, here's the link to read the Mod story and see their products.  You can also order online.  Oh, they are made in the USA, and are of very nice quality.  http://www.modstraps.com

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