Saturday, December 24, 2011

355/365 FunRunner

I came to California, because my brother-in-law, Richard, passed away.  He was my sister Pam's husband.  On this day, we went by his business, Fun Runner.  Dune buggies and sand sports - they were his passion.  I wanted to take a picture of something in his shop.  I had lots of things to choose from and I chose his family dune buggy.  This is not the one that he took me for a ride in, when I went with him to Glamis, in the desert dunes.  That was a two-seater.  It was the ride of my life, so exciting and fun - and FAST!  Richard liked to go fast.  He raced his buggies and won.  Then in later years, he supplied others through his business.  This buggy though, is the four-seater that he built so he could take more than just one person with him.  He and Pam have four children and they all love the dunes.  With this buggy, he could ride with Pam and two of the kids at a time.  I remember when he built it.  He was so happy.

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