Sunday, November 6, 2011

309/365 Belle Epoque

Saturday was an exciting day for the Flower Mound High School Band.  It was their first time performing at the Bands of America Super Regional Competition in San Antonio, TX.  It was a fun day filled with amazing shows put on by some very dedicated and hard working kids, directors and parents who help behind the scenes.  Gary helped as part of the pit crew.  He moved equipment and props onto and off of the field, while I did my part screaming from the stands, with the rest of the proud parents.  Lots of fun.  Our band performed well, finishing in the top 10, 9th place, out of 59 bands.  Their show was called Belle Epoque, which means beautiful era.  It depicted the varous French art eras.  This photo was taken during the Impressionism era.  I wish I had a lens that would show the entire field (it's on my wish list).  I've marked in this photo where the boys are.

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