Thursday, July 21, 2011

197/365 Swinging Bridges

from 7/16/11 - On this day, we went away from the lake to search for the Swinging Bridges area.  Down a little highway, then many miles on a gravel road, and we found it - a wooden suspension bridge.  It has a nice swimming hole near it that we enjoyed.  Before leaving the area, I shot this from beneath the bridge.  The dark area in the bridge foreground is a car up top.  Yes, we did drive over it too.  It was a little unsettling! 


  1. Nope son't think I will be going over that EVER!! Nice shots.

  2. Great shot! But I don't think I could drive over it either.

  3. Oh, no I'm not fond of any bridge to start with - count me out too! haha

    I do however love the photo!