Friday, May 6, 2011

126/365 Welcome to Texas

My long-time friend, Sandy, and her husband, Kurt, are coming from California tonight to visit me in Texas.  Before we moved here, we lived in New Mexico for three years.  During that time, my friends visited twice.  We've lived here for 13 years and this will be their first time coming to our home.  Granted, it is much farther than New Mexico, but much of the reason that they haven't visited is that Texas isn't high on Kurt's list of places to visit.  You see, he's been here when it's been hot.  And no one, not even me, wants to be in Texas when it's hot!   Well, maybe some are okay with it, but frankly, I'd rather be somewhere else, and I really do like Texas.  It's great except for the heat.  So, I tell people "Come in the spring; it's beautiful". I assured Kurt it's not always hot.  So, they're coming tonight and wouldn't you know it, tomorrow it is going to be about 10 degrees above normal.  Yep, 90 degrees on May 7, with humidity thrown in too.  Welcome to Texas!!!  A little two or three day heat wave in spring.  I wonder if my friend has told her husband the forecast!  So, instead of chocolates on their pillows, I got them some fans!!  They'll need them tomorrow. 


  1. It could be could be August! I hope you have a wonderful time and find some "cool" things to do. It's still a nice time to visit even if tomorrow will be a bit warm.

  2. What a great welcome for your friends and I am sure those fans will come in handy in that kind of heat.