Tuesday, February 22, 2011

53/365 Road Work

In my town, these signs are all over.  You almost can't take a photo in this town without there being some sort of orange sign or orange cone in it...Road Work Ahead, Road Work Next 5 Miles, Work Zone, Traffic Fines Double.  Oh yeah, there are the End Work Zone signs too, but I don't get too excited when I see one, because as soon as I turn the corner, there's the ol' Road Work Ahead sign again.  I really wanted to take a photo of the orange cones on the main street near my house, but decided I'd be risking my life getting the shot.  You see, the orange cone locations seem to change daily.  So drivers are a little crazy out there trying to figure out what lane they are supposed to be in today.  So I went with the safe shot, which is right at the exit of my neighborhood.  I'll be glad when the road work is completed.  Of course that probably won't happen until my boys have graduated college and I've moved out of town.


  1. ROFL!! I can so relate! I love when the sign says traffic merges left and it never does!!

  2. Great shot. It seems that road work is never ending.