Monday, January 10, 2011

10/365 Brrrrr

Could have been a little more focused and I should have used the tripod.  Ooh, and a colored light showing thru the icicle would have been cool.  I know some things I'll try next time, which of course, is one of the reasons to do a 365 project.


  1. Overall a cool pic though! I might have focused on the front icicle? But then everything behind it might have been blurry? I miss icicles, even though I know you don't get many!

  2. i should have tried focusing on the front to see if it was more interesting since it's more prominent. looking at it now, i see the clear part at the top, but the bottom was kinda milky looking and not real pretty. i was so cold, i couldn't stand out there much longer. i think in the winter, i'm going to be an indoor photographer!